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Up For Election 2014

The 2014 Democratic candidates!

Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty getting things done in Congress!

Welcome to our website!

Governor Malloy addressing the DCNC, August 7th!


Donate to Bill Riiska, Candidate for 30th State Senate District


Gov. Malloy responds to DCNC member’s questions at Cornwall Town Hall.










We Are Activists!

The Democratic Town Committees of eight towns of Northwest Connecticut have formed a coalition. Our purpose is to combine our ideas, energies and resources to promote democratic issues, actions and candidates that will serve our communities, state and nation, and win back America for all Americans. We encourage all concerned citizens to become constructive activists. Together we can prevail.

It is crucially important at this time in our national history to be an activist. It is not enough to be right on the issues. We also have to be effective in conveying the message and turning out the vote. We have to outperform the opposition.

Our Mission

The purpose of the DCNC is to provide a venue to get issues before the public that are supported by Democrats, organize public events for Democratic candidates, work to elect Democratic candidates to local, state, and national offices and encourage strong and effective local Democratic town committees.


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